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Afghanistan battle diorama special order

Covert Intervention Games

Afghanistan battle diorama special order

$ 95.00

20x HED03 Modern SF helmet MICH with NVG mount fixed (no NVG)

6x KIT06 Large molle back packs

1x REF09 Ranger Fireteam 2010

1x REF10 Ranger Officers/NCOs

1x REF 11 Ranger mk 48 and block2 rifleman

1x IOT15 US Army with Metal detector

1x MCA04 USMC fire team

1x MCA08 USMC Medics wounded and shogun

1x MCA09 USMC Communications Team

2x TAL32 Taliban

1x TAL24 Taliban

1x LC13 SS in 1st pattern winter parker dragging wounded comrade

1x LTD02 Ambush Alley Figure

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