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DEFCON ZERO: Russian Federation Forces

Russian Federation Forces Flag
The oligarchy led government has been a fine balance of brutality and sophistication in the complex world.
Embarking on a military modernization program and increases in force size for the last 15 years have only emboldened Moscow.
Units filled with contracted career professional soldiers were issued the best equipment and technology they could build or buy and act as spearheads and bulwarks to the Russian Army.

Large units of conscripts armed with stockpiles of weapons and equipment from the soviet and post soviet era were formed to add forces to defend the lines.

Effective fighting forces with an improved logistics chain has allowed them to project power through out Europe, Asia, and the Middle East effectively and possibly even further.

With global economies in disarray the Federation feeling its back was to the wall, discreetly put all the chess pieces into position to put NATO off balance dealing with the proxy war in the Balkans and Middle-East to mount a brutal first strike with the second largest army in the world. They have entered a multi-front war which spans the globe.