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Omega Agency - Section 6 PsykWar Operative - Collectible - OA-0601

Covert Intervention Games

Omega Agency - Section 6 PsykWar Operative - Collectible - OA-0601

$ 2.00

There are a very few people in this world who can do more than we thought possible drawing on power we cannot understand. in the Omega Agency’s They are sanctioned Psyonik/Psychiks with powers a very few humans are only just beginning to learn to control.

Those "touched" with psychik-magycks are often, assessed, recruited, trained, and further developed by the Omega Agency for their unique special skills and talents. Lethal in their training, capable of PsykWar powers, and free from the black taint, these operatives crackle with incredible arcane power, and wield that power at considerable risk if they lose control of their will and those powers flash beyond their control.

This is a single collectible Section 6 PsykWar Operative conventionally armed and in an action pose leaping over a base of rubble into combat. Careful with such power.

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