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Our First Order!

CIG News Zombies

We here at Covert Intervention Games have spent months prepping initial sculpts, recording initial play-tests, getting artwork into the pipline for our books, setting up our social media accounts and building an amazing high-tech back end infrastructure. We were able to take our first order and finally test if all our hard work on the front end would pay off for an amazing customer experience with our company. With solemn gratitude for everyone who has helped us start this journey we unlocked the website to the public. 

Our first order came in at 13:00 Hours EST on 23 June 2016. Screaming through the Covert Intervention "Defense Communications Hyper-Net" which is powered by near limitless energy from bio cells and delicious bacon.

So what could possibly have been ordered? Our first order was for our largest package of Zombies! Oh yes, those infected brain eating hosts were going to be the first package out the door running like a Phase Z1 Zombie sprinting hungrily after a big guy walking out of a weight watchers!

We felt our warehouse start to buzz with arcane power as simultaneously our custom command center system, (dubbed W.O.P.R.6000), started humming all over the building as it processed accounting data, order pick lists, transaction records, and pumped out shipping labels with our very first esteemed customer's address at the ready.  

With great pride we watched as within minutes our logistics cyborgs meticulously pulled the order with the exact models from their bins, boxed them at the shipping station gently and respectfully then placed them on the first bin to go out for shipping.  Had our customer ordered over $100 in amazing miniatures they would have free shipping! ($150 international for free shipping).

We personally shipped this package to the post using our undercover infection response vehicle, (Code Named: Sand Raider), and made sure to include a little something extra for the lucky first patron. We will be including some extras in packages for lucky customers as we continue to reach various milestones in our journey as a company and to say thank you to our customers without whom we wouldn't be able to make such great miniatures and games.

Thanks again for all the support, and please keep providing us the value added ideas and encouragement to be the best game company in the world.

- John and the team @ Covert Intervention Games

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