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The US Army Infantry is here!

You can now pre-order your U.S. Army Infantry Platoon for your next game!

US Army Fire Team

Your platoon comes with 41 finely detailed miniatures in 20mm to field a full US Army Infantry platoon wearing IOTV Armor and Helmets.

Pre-Order your U.S. Army Infantry Platoon Here

 Each platoon pre-order is made up of

  • Platoon HQ section with platoon medic and ETAC upgrades
  • Three different Infantry Squads with 2 fire teams and a squad leader
  • An Infantry Weapons squad with two machine gun crews and two javelin ATGM crews.

This platoon bundle is giving you the flexibility and firepower on the battlefield against a wide variety of threats!

Pre-Order your U.S. Army Infantry Platoon Here

The molds are mostly completed and miniatures are about to be cast. Your orders will ship in May right to your door. Your figures will have all the fine details and the molds are created from original masters from Matt Hingley at Elhiem. Expect only the finest quality miniatures in each release.

Dont forget to tell us how you plan to use your new infantry platoon in the comments section below.

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