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HMGS Little Wars and Podcasts for long drives.

We had an amazing time at HMGS-Midwest Little Wars Convention 

Chicago SkylineLittle Wars is a great convention located in Lombard Illinois in the heart of Chicago-land. It was a bit of a homecoming for us as Chicago was our old stomping grounds. We were lucky in that we could link up with so many old friends from the past and our gaming industry contacts at the same event. It was amazing to once again see the Chicago Skyline as we drove in on a rainy day


 The Founders of Covert Intervention Games at Little Wars

Set up the afternoon before the convention

Bill and John both got in the afternoon before the convention opened and set up the space. The HMGS Midwest team was on hand to quickly offer support and answer any questions from vendors.

There was a quick set up as the tables and displays went in and all was in place quickly. We made some quick adjustments and made some notes to improve what we do next time around. Constant improvement is something we believe in and act on as much as possible every day. Conventions are no exception.

Little Wars Display CaseLittle Wars DEFCON ZERO Demo TableCovert Intervention Games Booth at Little Wars

We were lucky to have our friend Forrest from Knuckle Duster Miniatures as our neighbor  adjacent to us. What a great guy and a fantastic artist! We often found ourselves exchanging ideas and humor each day of the convention.

The Hordes of Hobbyists had Arrived!

When the Vendor Hall was opened folks streamed into the hall and made their way through the various vendors checking their wares.

Covert Intervention Games Booth Wide shot

DEFCON ZERO Draft rules document

DEFCON ZERO announced at Little Wars

A a Little Wars convention exclusive for the attendees we announced DEFCON ZERO and gave a few lucky folks some demonstration games on how the system works.

The hobbyists which took part gave us some great feedback and appeared to be excited about what they were seeing.

We may consider running more demos at the next convention we attend. One lucky hobbyist was even briefly allowed to see a draft of the rule book!

John shows a hobbyist how DEFCON ZERO is playedIt was a great time as gamers found what they were looking for and had a great time checking out the new games in development and the ranges of miniatures available now. We were able to get up close feedback from hobbyists as they played DEFCON ZERO and A.R.C. Shadow Wars.Notes were taken on this feedback for later testing. We take all feedback seriously! As a special thank you for everyone who stopped by they left with a free miniature from the Force20 range. Our favorite visitor was a little four year old boy who thought the zombie game was the coolest thing ever! He must have run over every zombie we had on the A.R.C. Shadow Wars table as he zoomed around the trailer park in one of the trucks.



We would also like to reach out and thank our good friend David "MAX" M. who pitched in to help us run the show over the weekend. We go way back with him and its great to know we still have good friends all over the world who support what we do. Thanks Max, your help was immense over Little Wars!

Games Played and the End of Little Wars

The great thing about Conventions like Little Wars is this is the opportunity for many of the serious hobbyists to really put on a big show and run some amazing games!


 After catching up on games, and getting sleep every night eventually the convention was over and we packed up to head back to the east coast and get back to creating fantastic 20mm miniatures and fun for all of you to enjoy.  Then came the long drive home.

There was a long drive to the convention...and back. We caught up on podcasts!

A long drive is perfect opportunity to catch up on our game related podcasts. We are usually quite busy in the studio so we typically try to focus on podcasts which provide solid content and useful information.

We give any pod cast we listen to at least two listens before we subscribe and then only if we find it adds value.

As we drove by the large wind farms in Indiana, podcasts were a welcome distraction from the monotony of the long drive.

Since we had a lot of time to listen to our list, this is a great time for us to share a bit about what we are listening to right now and why.

We will be linking to these group's websites but you can find their podcasts by doing a quick search through any podcast app you are currently using to download your podcasts currently.

We're not Wizards Tabletop and Board Game Podcast

A great podcast out of Scotland from two gentlemen who are both interesting to listen to, ask good questions when they interview folks, and have a great sense of humor.

Their ability to draw out insights from the person they interview is not to be missed. Truly a hidden gem about to be discovered and one of our top picks lately.

Models Workshop After Hours Podcast

A solid podcast with a diverse group from several different locations. We like this podcast for a number of reason. The team is entertaining, their hobby tips are very useful, and they are definitely providing great insights and have some interesting guests on the show.

They are fiercely independent and free from bias in their recommendations which has been a huge reason they awesome as well.

WWPD On the Road Podcast

Mitch and Sean are great to listen to. For a variety of game systems and insights they take you through their insights in understanding a rules set, painting up the miniatures, to competitive game play.

These guys get it and make a great complimentary duo in their work.  There are several WWPD podcasts out there, and the ones featuring Mitch and Sean are a great listen.

War is Boring Podcast

War is Boring is a thoughtful and insightful discussion on current and forward looking geo-political and policy issues. The guests are considered some of the highest experts in their fields and offer some really good inside ideas and historical background behind what drives some of the issues they discuss.

If you are going to listen to a serious pod cast which touches so strikingly on defense and national security discussions this is one to have on your top three list.

After a long trip home, its good to be back

We made it back and were able to unload at the office and proudly we can say your orders during the convention were still shipped within 24 hours at all times.

Unfortunately our trip was long enough we ran out of pod casts to listen to on the way back. So we will be looking for more options on our trips. If you have a solid podcast and you want to have us give it a listen please let us know or comment below.

Also we will be at the Williamsburg Muster 26-28 May 2017. Come out and see us there!

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