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DEFCON ZERO™ The Bleeding Edge of Modern Warfare

DEFCON ZERO™ A new modern warfare game in development from Covert Intervention Games

DEFCON ZERO US Army Stryker Infantry

We are excited to announce DEFCON ZERO™ as a new modern warfare game.The immersive background takes place just after regional conflicts have spiraled out of control and become the largest global conflict the world has ever known. Hyper realistic but not bogged down with complex rules the game play is challenging for all types of game play.

We started development of this game thinking we would not be able to release it until 2018, but thanks to some exciting developments and production enhancements we have been able to move it up in the development and release schedules.

DEFCON ZERO gameWe have been developing it mostly pretty secretively in parallel with some other projects we are working on. It was only after we were able to get almost six months worth of testing done and several of the scenario missions built that we felt confident we could go to closed beta. DEFCON ZERO had to be easy to learn and nuanced to master. Some of you who were lucky enough to be at Little Wars were treated to a few demos and early access to pre-order some of the modern miniatures before release on the website.

There is already a full miniatures line on the way with molds being produced now from the masters. You will also have some new miniatures available to pre-order for your game table this very month!

Additionally for those of you in the Inner Circle email, you will get a chance to be selected for the special closed beta to help test the rules sets early and make the game even better.

Check out the official DEFCON ZERO page to find out more about the game and factions in development. We would love to hear your feedback. Please comment below or send us an email at



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