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Covert Intervention Games Acquires Bio Syndrome - and its Free!

Well we have made some soft announcements about this to the fans of Bio Syndrome and after letting it slip in a recent interview on the We're Not Wizards Podcast, its time to make it official to to the world at large. 

Bio Syndrome had a successful Kickstarter and continued updates to the game were made over the last few years by the game's creator Paul. Paul is also an veteran serving on active duty and approached us to consider acquiring the game since his new duty requirements were making it hard for him to give the game the support it deserved. After discussing it a bit and seeing what was already there we wanted make sure the legacy of this game lived on.

The exciting part for players is the background. Bio Syndrome takes place in a post apocalyptic setting where survivors are trying to make it day to day, the western coalition is trying to re-secure what they can of their borders, corporations are trying to profit (and experiment), and infected "zombies" are trying to find their next meal. Players have lots of room to create the back stories for their own forces and create the locations they are fighting over. Small towns fortifying themselves, whats left in the rubble of big cities, secret labs, abandoned warehouses... its your ideas waiting to be unleashed.

Covert Intervention Games acquired the complete intellectual property rights and materials for Bio Syndrome. The background has some great structure and we see a lot of potential in future development with the rules and with future content modules.

The best part? The game is completely free to Inner Circle members on the inner circle email! Part of the special bonuses we share with them as a perk. Not already registered with the Inner Circle? Register here because your entry to the Inner Circle has been granted!







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  • John on

    Barry Just read the article and follow the links in the article.
    If after doing so there are still concerns email and they will assist you rapidly.

  • Barry Kendall on

    Sorry for my ineptitude, but could you provide instructions for the free download? Thanks.

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