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Blog Watch: Covert Intervention Games was mentioned recently

A recent Blog mentioned us.

If you have not checked it out the It's 500 Miles to the German Border! Blog by Jason Weiser you may want to check it out. The blog is focused on Twilight 2000 game system and excitingly 20mm miniatures work for it magnificently!

Jason also mentioned the Force20 and Elhiem range of miniatures we manufacture for your war gaming needs as and said a few nice things about them! They also mention a few other companies in the 20mm market... but we are biased and think Covert Intervention Games miniatures are the best for a good reason.

Jason does a reasonable job keeping the blog updated with content and ideas. If you like inspiration and some ideas to enhance your games check it out.

If you find or write a blog that mentions Covert Intervention Games, Force20, Elhiem, or our DEFCON ZERO or A.R.C. Shadow Wars games it would mean the world to us if you would please send us a link to the article. We would love to read it and share it with the team over here and possibly everyone out there who checks out our articles as well.

It always makes us happy to find people in the hobby who love what we are doing.

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  • Jason Weiser on

    Thanks for the kind words. I do appreciate it!

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